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Teaching Adventures

I survived my first week of teaching prac!

It's going well so far, except I keep looking around to see who the kids are talking to when they say "Miss," only to remember they're talking to me. :P

Edit: and then I feel like an idiot because I realise I left my roll (attendence sheet) behind. :/ I hope I can find it again on Monday.

So I Saw Mad Max: Fury Road

I haven't seen any of the previous Mad Max films and I had no initial interest in this one, but then some men's rights activists started whining about Fury Road being feminist propaganda, so I immediately bought a ticket because pissing off men's rights activists is one of my favourite past times.

Except now I feel like writing the MRA douches a thank you card, because OMG MAD MAX: FURY ROAD IS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED FROM AN ACTION MOVIE. It's what I was hoping Jupiter Ascending would be, but while Jupiter Ascending failed to grab me, Fury Road is what would happen if every action movie and road movie and car chase movie and post-apolocalyptic movie had a drunken orgy and produced a baby. It's a two hour visual orgasm that obviously was a real labour of love by everyone involved, attempts at various points to have a plot, hints at a highly detailed mythology but doesn't linger because who has time for that when there are EXPLOSIONS.

Oh, and it has 12 female characters.

I'm not going to say those characters are super well-developed because they aren't really, but the male characters are even less developed so while Fury Road is no feminist utopia, it's a lot better than the majority of action films and that alone makes it worthy of watching.

I'm not going to get fannish about it because character-wise there isn't enough to work with except maybe Charlize Theron's character, but I am going to see it again with The Boyfriend and bathe in those magnificently ludicrous car chases.

The frustration...

...when you see a character backstory post based on faulty or incomplete Wikipedia information and the post gets 20,000 notes and people are quoting the faulty backstory post as gospel and you know how inaccurate the post is but people keep reblogging it and you're like... but... no...

(also known as "Natasha's fake ballerina backstory was retconned ages ago and it's also fucking gross and needs to die in a fire, why is fandom so obsessed with it????")

May. 7th, 2015

At this point I feel like bookmarking every "the Russos will make everything better!" post for when information about Civil War starts coming out and fandom inevitably goes into a backlash rage spiral because it's impossible to do a Civil War-style story without pissing off a substantial chunk of the fandom.

(as for "the Russos will lead us unto a new feminist utopia filled with unicorns and a harp", LOL NO)
In 2012, not long after the first Avengers film came out, a comic arc was published called Winter Soldier: Widow Hunt, written by Ed Brubaker.

It is dreadful.

It also, inexplicably, has an overall four star rating on GoodReads, probably because after Cap 2 Bucky became fandom's latest woobie prince and people forgot Brubaker's tendency to fridge women and go on twitter rampages about censorship which reveal he believes communism and facism are the same thing and Nazis and Soviets are interchangeable (yes, that was a thing that happened).

It is, however, dreadful.

Mention of Age of Ultron stuffCollapse )

Oh look, a good meta post about Natasha!

I'm still avoiding tumblr for the most part, but I'm checking the blogs of people whose opinions I trust, and I found a link to a post that says basically everything I've been feeling about Natasha in AoU and fandom's reactions to her. I don't know who you are, person, but we seem to be brain twins. :D

(side note: I'm actually enjoying being back on livejournal regularly. I missed the livejournal style interaction, and it's also much easier to avoid fandom wank if you want to)
I'm not here for the kind of 'feminist critique' that tears down female characters in the name of finding Perfect Representation.

Mostly about fandom reactions to Natasha, but applies to other female characters as wellCollapse )

Age of Ultron: Reaction

Saw Avengers: Age of Ultron last night. It was a fun, enjoyable movie. Thoughts under the cut.

Here there be SPOILERSCollapse )

Apr. 25th, 2015

I'm 26 years old and I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I deserve to be happy.


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