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Femslash February

Femslash February started on tumblr, but since I and many on my f-list are not on tumblr (and I have no plans to be at this point, tumblr is scary), I thought I'd promote it here! 

As any femslash fan will be aware, femslashers are the poor kids of fandom. In most large fandoms, the amount of femslash fics are little to none. That sucks. Hence, Femslash February.

From the tumblr:

I think a lot of us in fandom can agree on one thing: f/f doesn’t get enough love. So for the next month, let’s try to do something about it.

I pledge to focus my creative energies on ships between women for the month of February. While m/m and m/f shipping is great, let’s make this month all about the ladies.

I will make two fanworks—or more!—devoted to a lady ship. I’ll use my creative power to increase the number of f/f fanworks out there and the awareness of these awesome ships. And I hope you’ll join me in this.

How to participate?

Reblog this post!

If you’re a fanwork creator—whether a fic writer, a fanartist, a graphic maker, or something else (fanmixes, podfic, cosplay, anything goes!): decide to focus on f/f for the month. Make (at least!) two fanworks for f/f pairings throughout the month. Tag them #femslash february.

Whether you’re a creator or not: signal boost the shit out of this! Track the #femslash february tag! Show your love for the awesome works that are sure to come out of this!

Have questions? Just excited? Put it in the #femslash february tag or come talk to me,soaringrachel!

Let’s get creating!

I'm trying to come up with a few drabbles to contribute to the AO3 collection, since I am currently working on a longer femslash piece but that won't be up for a few months.

(apparently, people on tumblr have already used Femslash February to write genderbent slash pairings. WHICH IS SO NOT THE POINT, OMG)

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