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Words In Crystal

Above me, stars I shall find.

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A place for me to rant, moan, obsess about fandoms, cheer, and write. Always, to write.

I am a cynic and a hopeless romantic. A realist and a dreamer. A country girl in the city. An intellectual and a child with a fascination for the mystical. An individual desperate for approval. Opinionated with confidence issues. I am a walking contradiction who prefers to run.

And a self-confessed nerd with an inferiority complex and not enough time on her hands, but that's far less interesting.

I'm a university student and I'm dedicated to my studies. However, I'm also an obsessed fanfic writing sci-fi and fantasy geek; a hopeful writer of novels, a horse person, a crazy cat lady and a Pagan, and I could talk your ear off about any of these topics if you let me. I eat too much chocolate and drink too much tea. My interests are wide and varied so my entries do tend to be a little all over the place!

My more personal entries are friends locked. Anything fandom related or involving little introspection is public.

My friending policy is this: I'm not selective about who I friend or let friend me, but I do want to know who you are first. If you want to friend me, go ahead, I'll mostly friend you back unless I suspect troll action. Just leave me a comment to say who you are and how you found this journal, and as long as we have at least one thing in common we should get along fine. If I don't recognise you and you haven't left a comment anywhere or we've never met before, I won't friend you until we've communicated somewhere. I've had encounters with trolls before and thus I'm a little suspicious of people friending me randomly, especially if they have a very new journal. I'm sorry, but that's just my policy. I respect other people's friending policies and I'll always tell someone when I'm friending them and why I'm doing it (eg, we have a fandom/character love in common).

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